RIP Petey | 2-18-2011 to 7-28-2015

Petey was born in San Rafael at Guide Dogs for the Blind to Taylor and Malou. He and his 9 “P” puppy siblings were placed with families to be raised to be Guide Dogs. Petey went back to Guide Dogs on July 14, 2012 for training. He was looked at for breeding and then for guide work. Things did not go well enough so he was Career Changed. We decided to keep him as a family pet – the best you could ever get. He came back home in September 2012.

Ask anyone – there was something special about the “P” puppy litter.

Petey had the opportunity to be in a movie put together by students from Chapman University. The name of the movie is Capstone’s Oak. He was in a number of scenes – NOW PETEY IS A MOVIE STAR!

Over his short life he helped to raise Neiman, Kelton and Buckley. What a great big brother he was to them.

Recently Petey took the test to become a reading dog for the BARK Therapy Dogs – Beach Animals Reading with Kids. Sadly, he didn’t get the chance to actually do the job.

Petey got very sick suddenly and passed away quickly. He was surrounded by his human family, Michael, Becky and Mary Ann.


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