Pilot and Gary are traveling to Ireland


pilot ready to boardLet all of us state positive wishes for Pilot, Gary, and his wife, as they endure international travel, including, the horrible TSA. Pilot and his guide dog captain, Gary C. Norman, Esq. L.L.M. are currently visiting Ireland.

They are visiting with their beautiful partner, Laura Norman in honor of their anniversary. Never leaving a stone unturned, as it were, Gary will also have a business meeting or two when there, as he has a law and consulting partner with who he has formed, or will form, a consultancy named the Prometheus Group. As he expects the consultancy to be a success, he hopes to have a vacation house in Ireland or in Italy in the future.

And what, I am sure there will be no bootees for Pilot on escalators in Europe. Gary trained Pilot to utilize the escalator, who is a quick study.

Pilot on the airplane to IrelandAs the first guide dog Mason of Maryland, Pilot will also have the chance to visit the Grand Lodge with Gary and Laura.

As to training issues, Gary tells me that Ireland has an active set of guide dog training organizations. So I hope Pilot has no access issues in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Ironically, Ireland consists of two countries. Pilot, quite the well-traveled dog?

Gary tells me that, of the countries, Ireland is one of the last to work strenuously, regularly on implementing the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. So perhaps there are a lot of future work projects for Pilot in Ireland to which to return.

Pilot being Pilot, he will just kiss the jerks at the TSA – now, always.


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